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The project MATRIX – STRATEGIC MAPPING OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT, seeks to address the issue of youth unemployment and develop better employability skills for young people in each partner country and the wider European Union. The project intends to become a comprehensive  coherent interplay of a labour market needs mapping, a strengthening and updating injection for VET institutes and educators and an educational programme of employability and entrepreneurship skills for young jobseekers.


Welcome to the project MATRIX – STRATEGIC MAPPING OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT that aims to create a comprehensive, coherent and coordinated set of actions in order to:
Develop and implement a coherent strategy and a roadmap for addressing youth unemployment. Identifying talent needs for specific sectors and provide an accurate training package for VET schools.
To promote the enhancement of VET quality and attractiveness, with a specific focus on job opportunities and employment.
Deliver a comprehensive skills development programme across multiple areas that will enable the youth to explore, train and retrain themselves for the work and self-employment.
To equip our youth with the right knowledge and skills to be competitive not only in but also outside the country.

Our target groups:

Counsellors, Career & Employability Skills Tutors, VET Teachers, Employability Experts
Young people and unemployed people or people that were going through training